Wednesday, January 26, 2011

‘Guns N Guitars’

National Award Winning Director Mr. Bidyut Kotoky will be making a documentary on the legend Lou Majaw and his 38 years old celebration Bob Dylan Birthday Celebration.

The film will be in the form of a musical travelogue of north east India. A guest – known musician in their own right- will walk along with Lou and be the narrator on the journey. Through this, film we want to travel into this land of fable and tales and try to know as to why over the decade’s, children of the same land have alternately taken up Guns and Guitar to vent their woes and carve their dreams…

This journey gives us an excuse to glance at what gave shape to the voice and music of the land. We walk the less trodden paths of northeast India experiencing the sight and sound of the place along with the guitar strumming Lou Majaw…and live the dream of this land through their music and songs. The walk culminates by the stream of a 530 acre open land, where music lover from all over will have gathered to celebrate Dylan’s birthday concert
Did someone say Woodstock revisited?

Music Peace Zone (MPZ) - Sunset To Sunrise Concert Arena

Music Peace Zone as the name suggest is the chill out area for 70th Bob Dylan Birthday Celebrations 2011, producing a space with all the characteristics for cool ambience. The real music to enjoy, relax, dance from sunset to sunrise.

The Music Peace Zone will have decorative and functional lighting in the entire zone with Umtham streams flowing beside the area and lighting to also support Bob Dylan’s  and Lou Majaw’s pictures around the zone.

This year’s music selection continues to be a mirror of a diversity of styles within the range to celebrate Mr. Dylan’s Birthday for the first time in such a bigger scale. We seek to show different music routes brought by musicians of different scenes, trying once more to contribute to the well being of the public and most importantly mark respect to Mr. Dylan.

The musicians from all over North-East India will join along with the legend himself Mr. Lou Majaw to celebrate the birthday with celebrity guest from other parts of India.

About 70th Bob Dylan Birthday Celebration, Shillong

Bob Dylan, a legend, who spread peace and love in the world by his immortal and influencing music, is remembered and his music is celebrated all over the world on various occasions. One such gracious occasion is his birthday which is celebrated with great pomp and show all across the world. Here, in Northeast a similar celebration is organized every year in the honor of the legend and this celebration is popularized as ‘The Bob Dylan Birthday Celebration’.

The Bob Dylan Birthday celebration is 38 years old legacy, which was started by the Legendary Singer Mr. Lou Majaw, on May 24 back in 1972. The event was first organized in Assam Club, Shillong. Every year all Bob Dylan music lovers from North-East India come to Shillong to celebrate the birthday of the legendary Bob Dylan with Lou Majaw.

The earlier events had crowd ranging from 5000-7000, who come and celebrates this musical day with free spirit.
The Legendary Lou Majaw is continuing this journey of celebration on 24th of May, 2011, and the 39th year of the 70th Bob Dylan Birthday Celebration will be grand as it can be coined as the biggest celebration India has ever seen. This year the grandness of the event can be well imagined as the proposed venue is Kharsati Nature Park, Shillong, a 530 acre open land at the outskirt of Shillong, with the celebration of Birthday with a ‘Sunset to Sunrise concert’, an ultimate tribute to Dylan the singer and writer.

The main attraction of the celebration this year is ‘bring your own camp’ concept where participants will bring their own camps to enjoy the nature with Umtham stream flowing beside the venue. A special camping zone will be allocated at the venue near the main stage which is called as Music Peace Zone, where musicians from all over India along with Mr. Lou Majaw will perform and enjoy the celebration.

With multiple activities listed for the enjoyment, recreation and entertainment for the fun loving music lovers the celebration will be a behemoth one with camping and bonfires to romanticize the ambience.
The soul motive of the event is to relive and rejoice the peace spreading and soothing music which was created by the Legendary Bob Dylan.