Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Music Peace Zone (MPZ) - Sunset To Sunrise Concert Arena

Music Peace Zone as the name suggest is the chill out area for 70th Bob Dylan Birthday Celebrations 2011, producing a space with all the characteristics for cool ambience. The real music to enjoy, relax, dance from sunset to sunrise.

The Music Peace Zone will have decorative and functional lighting in the entire zone with Umtham streams flowing beside the area and lighting to also support Bob Dylan’s  and Lou Majaw’s pictures around the zone.

This year’s music selection continues to be a mirror of a diversity of styles within the range to celebrate Mr. Dylan’s Birthday for the first time in such a bigger scale. We seek to show different music routes brought by musicians of different scenes, trying once more to contribute to the well being of the public and most importantly mark respect to Mr. Dylan.

The musicians from all over North-East India will join along with the legend himself Mr. Lou Majaw to celebrate the birthday with celebrity guest from other parts of India.

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